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ProPress piping technology is a valuable alternative to traditional soldering as it significantly reduces work time in many plumbing situations. In fact, in many cases it has been shown to be approximately 60% faster than soldering. ProPress is a safe, fast, clean system of high pressure crimping of pipe fittings. This flameless technology eliminates the need for heating system shut-off. ProPress also eliminates the need for a firewatch or Hot Permits. Another advantage over soldering is the ability to work with some water in the pipes.


ASK Mechanical offers this flameless technology to significantly reduce labour time, providing considerable savings to our customers. It also eliminates the need for torches, tanks, solder and flux and is a clean repair solution. ProPress also enables the joining of wet connections and provides consistent, strong and air and water-tight seals.


ProPress technology provides:

  • consistent, strong and air and water-tight seals. 
  • applications in water systems, underground systems, compressed air, vacuum and fire systems
  • successful usage in difficult, hard to reach places and small spaces
  • pipes are left clean and shiny with an attractive finish
  • long term warranty programs
  • meets all regulatory codes and testing specifications for North America
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