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Backflow Preventor Testing

Avoid Backflow incidents with Backflow Preventer testing

Government regulations stipulate that backflow preventer systems are mandatory and the consequences of not complying can result in severe penalties and fines. Backflow incidents also pose serious threats to health and the environment. Mississauga based ASK Mechanical is OWWA (Ontario Waterworks Association) certified to perform emergency repairs, installation and testing of backflow preventer systems in and around Greater Toronto Area (GTA)


Our highly skilled technicians work quickly and safely to repair, test, install and maintain backflow preventer systems in your facility. It is of utmost importance to ensure the correct devices and assemblies are used for your specific industry and application. We have the knowledge and expertise to select the right backflow preventer system for your facility.


Our services include:

  • fast emergency response to backflow incidents
  • repair, test, install, maintain backflow preventer systems
  • high quality backflow preventer assemblies and devices
  • long term warranty programs
  • cost-effective product and service rates


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